Wet cat food O’Canis Premium O’Canis for Cats

O'Canis for cats wet food is a top quality meat meal for cats. This 100% natural nutrition is highly recommended for cats suffering from allergies and digestive problems. We use only fresh meat that cats especially love. We do not use any artificial add-ons, attractans or sugar. Our special recipe guarantees high digestibility (less amount of food required to serve on a daily basis).  We offer rich in micro elements and valuable sources of meat such as : chicken, salmon, turkey, partridge, goose, rabbit and duck.  Available tin sizes 100, 200 and 400 g.


Our O’Canis for Cats ALWAYS:

- remains 100% natural with no additional add-ons

- uses only natural oil to enrich the nearly 100% meat content.

- is of high digestibility



Our wet food NEVER contains any :

- bone meals

- artificial flavours, sugar, attractants or preservatives.

- grains, corn, soya or cheap fillers.

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Meat jars O'Canis DELUXE for Cats Tastes of Nature

Brand new! Exclusive, 100% natural, meat meals in a stylish jar for cats! Hard to find even at the fanciest human restaurants! Pieces of pure meat in its own sauce with carrot, pumpkin seeds, dried plum or apricots and taurine. No add ons. No gelatine – so tasty that even owners may envy it! O'Canis for Cats DELUXE Tastes of Nature are hand made in Poland. Flavours: Deer ham, Ostrich, turkey or duck fillet – 120 g.


Meat jars O'Canis DELUXE Tastes of Nature ALWAYS INCLUDE:

- Pieces of the highest quality meat in a natural broth and taurine,

- Carefully selected unsalted pumpkin seeds

- Fresh carrots and top quality dried fruits.


Meat jars O'Canis DELUXE Tastes of Nature DO NOT INCLUDE:

- MOM-u, pork gelatin,

- Preservatives, decoys, flavor enhancers,

- Emulsifiers and stabilizers.

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