About us

Our company is a family run business that was established in 2002 as the answer to the growing needs of aware and attentive pet lovers who wanted something more for their beloved friends. Our evolution is a combination of animal love, passion and knowledge we have. That's what created O'Canis Poland.

Our manufactory (we are not afraid to say that) lies within clean forests of the Klodzko Basin in Wojborz. Although, our manufacturing technology is modern and unique many of our products are simply hand made.

We, ourselves, choose the raw materials and our recipies are the result of many years of searches and uncompromising care for our four-legged customers. The meat we use is of the same standards as the one that is sold to people. Always fresh and ready to be consumed by humans. The variety of materials is represented by such meat sources as poultry, beef, deer, pheasant, goat, horse, salmon or even ostrich or kangaroo!

14 years of our experience guarantess that our snacks, food or cookies are of top quality, loved by not only by dogs and cats but also their owners. Rich in experience and our research we support PALEO diet that goes back to the beginning of dog-human friendship.

O'Canis can be found in the best German or Austran net chains such as Das Futterhaus, FressnapfczyZooPlus. From the mutual trust we have created a lot of private labels both in Poland and EU territory.