History of Scotti

Scotti was a labrador retriever whose fur is in the shade of biscuit. He was not only a family member but also the O’Canis trademark. Some years ago little Scotti found his place at our home and soon won our hearts, becoming a bright and clever family member. He also started to play an important role in our dog food wholesale. Thanks to his great smell and the sense of taste, his job was to search for those products which were healthy and natural. And so he did choose newer and newer products which were later added to our offer.


Thanks to his incredible smell and the sense of taste he was able to immediately indicate those products he found tasty and healthy as well. Those were the beginnings of the O’Canis brand which, under ‘the supervision’ of Scottie developed a variety of products such as natural chew toys, the canned wet dog food and, recently, even the freeze-dried dog food made of horsemeat, salmon and potatoes.


Fortunately, during his first 9 years of life Scotti never had to see a vet.

During the weekend we went to jog together with Scotti. After we had come back home, we noticed that his right ear was more droopy than the left one and did not respond to any stimuli. Full of fear, we searched the internet, looking for some reason or solution. After few hours of searching and testing all the possible Scotti’s reactions we were relieved to find out that it was not a stroke.


Scotti was able to move normalny, he recognized everything properly, his sight seemed not to have worsened and he was able to react to basic commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘move’. Nevertheless, we went to the vet the following to check if everything was all right with Scotti. The vet said that Scotti suffered from facial nerve paralysis. As a result Scotti was given his first medicine ever (antibiotics). We hoped he would recover quickly and full of energy he would once again help us test new O’Canis products. Unfortunately, despite all prognoses and hopes the right ear did not look well and the inflammation spread to Scotti’s eyes and upper lip. Scotti had to visit his vet more often. His condition worsened the following week and he had to be even given Cortisone. Scottie was getting weaker and weaker, eventually losing much weight.


We could not watch Scottie in this condition. We decided to search for the reason of his disease. We consulted Scotti’s blood cells morphology tests with the vet who assured us that he was fine and suffered no pain. Helpless and desperate we would spend almost every day searching the internet, looking for any ray of hope and solution that would help us diagnose possible Scotti’s disease. We were also talking a lot with our friends, asking for any help or advice that could help our beloved Scottie. At that time Scottie suffered from chronic cough which were the result of water that filled his lungs. Therefore, he had to given an injection by his vet which helped and cough was gone.


We were given the final diagnosis – ‘myastheia gravis’ (an autoimmune neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness and fatiguability). It was diagnosed by three vets as an incurable disease. It results in the neuromuscular block that makes the muscles drop. 

It is worth mentioning that at that time Scotti ate and drank a lot and he was willing to play with a ball and walk. Therefore, we wanted a ‘second’ opinion. Fortunately, Scotti had become very famous in the dog food industry throughout the years thus a Markus-Mühle company (a friend company of ours) heard about Scotti’s disease. The Markus-Mühle company has decades of experience with various specialists who deal with dog nutrition and dog diseases. The company recommended us a vet who specializes in the ‘myastheia gravis’ disease. 

We started to believe that Scotti could be cured and still help us choose the best O’Canis products.

Few days later, Scottie was examined meticulously in order to make a proper diagnosis and choose the best possible therapy to help Scotti.

We would be very grateful if you could provide us with any information on Scotti’s disease, its course and symptoms. Maybe some other dog owners have similar problem and they do not know what to do.

The O'Canis was created thanks to Scotti and that’s why we would like to keep you informed of Scotti’s condition ....


On November 16th, 2011 we say goodbye to our beloved Scotti. We are very sad due to his sudden disease. Unfortunately, until the very end we could not diagnose the reasons of his disease. His blood tests turned out to be very bad showing that liver problems and pneumonia worsened his condition. However, for many years we had been full of joy because of his love and trust and all the surprises Scotti had been making us. Therefore, we decided to develop the greatest possible nutrition, for our Scotti and other dogs. We did it - thanks to him. He will always be in our hearts and we will be developing great and natural products under the name of Scotti.


Rest in peace our beloved Scotti ...

Your family