Why us?

Our team consists of people whose knowledge and passion can be experienced in the top quality of our products. We try to follow the newest scientific trends and discoveries in the area of pet nutrition and combine them with our knowledge of the wolf –  dog's great ancestor. We are a Polish company located in the cleanest part of Lower Silesia, surrounded by majestic hills and forests of the Klodzko Basin. With our taxes paid in Poland we offer a lot of job opportunities for the local community. When creating our recipies we try to follow a very important quote from Hippocrates who said 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'.  It is those words which help us in our every day work and regular self-improvements. Thanks to our progress we are able to produce top quality products that can compete and win with any others offered by foreign companies.

Why us? It's simple:

  • Monoproteins: When dealing with dogs suffering from various allergies it is crucial to remember that even the slightest trace of proteins that those dogs are allergic to may have great negative and even tragic consequences. Being aware of that we produce food that is based on only one source of protein. Therefore, You can be sure that by choosing O'Canis dog food You choose only one source of protein for Your beloved dog.
  • Pure proteins: By choosing O'Canis dog food You can be sure that the protein we use comes in 100% from a certain kind of a given animal. We do not use any controversial soya  or corn. Top quality of our products and Your dog's safety is our biggest concern.
  • 100% meat snacks: Our unique snacks are made of 100% dried meat whose fiber structure remains unchanged, preserving all the nutritional values and quality. A slight addition of pea fiber is to help Your dog in all the necessary digestive processes.
  • Up to 65% of muscle meat in our food: We are the only company on the market who offers baked dog food that contains up to 65% of pure meat. Especially for the little dogs we have created a recipe for their size and needs. For dogs suferring from a sensitive digestive system  we have prepared freeze dried food that is extremely easy to digest.
  • No add-ons, salt or sugar: Thanks to our unique production technology we do not have to use any artificial flavors or add-ons. Therefore, we are able to guarantee You that our food is 100% natural and healthy. We do not use any salt or sugar which often cause addicitions and deceive the taste.
  • Slow Dry: Special Slow Dry technology allows to maintain all the most important ingredients and extract the best flavour from our dried products. Therefore, they preserve their natural taste, stucture, colours and microelements. We do not accelerate any of the processes in order to keep them 100% natural.
  • Hypoallergenic dog food with no grains : We do not use any grains which are very often so modified that even happen to cause allergenic reactions not only among humans but also among pets. Being aware of the importance of that problem we keep our food and Premium snacks grain-free.
  • No attractans: We do not use any artificial attractans which are very often used in low quality food and snacks. We believe that thanks to the Top quality of our products we do not need to use any artificial ingredients to help Your best friend love O'Canis.